Ocean Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health Research | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Malignant Catatonia – A Rare Presentation

Khushbu Shah*

Department of Psychiatry, Richmond University Medical Center, Island Newyork, USA

*Correspondence to: Khushbu Shah 

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Malignant catatonia (MC) - a lethal catatonia, is extremely rare, most severe, and a life-threatening manifestation which occurs either because of an underlying neuropsychiatric or general medical illness. We report a case of excited catatonia with fever, autonomic instability, and delirium-a picture of MC.


Catatonia; Psychosis; Antipsychotics; Fever; Rigidity; Malignant Catatonia


Khushbu Shah, Archna Sarwal , Andrew Pleener. Malignanat Catatonia – A Rare Presentation. Oce J of Psy & Men Heal. 2021:1(1):1-6.