International Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2770-9647) | Volume 1, Issue 3 | Case Report | Open Access

Sensation and Phantom Limb Pain in Pediatric Oncology Patient: A Case Report

Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni*

1INCA Anesthesiologist, Responsible for the CET-SBA of the National Cancer Institute, Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brazil 2Co-responsible for CET-SBA, Anesthesiologist Hospital Clínicas Municipal de São Bernardo do Campo, SP –Brazil

*Correspondence to: Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni 

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Although the nature of pain following amputations has been well documented for adults, little research has been conducted to determine the incidence, prevalence, and nature of phantom limb sensations and pain in children and adolescents. This case study documents the nature of phantom limb sensation (intensity, quality, location, duration, and frequency) for a 4 yr-old children after leg amputation. In PACU after extubation, she was agitated and with severe pain. The quality of sensations remained relatively constant and was described as itching and tingling. Both the duration and frequency of these episodes decreased throughout the 15 days. On the 16th day, she was discharged to residency, being followed up at the children's pain clinic at the hospital, and the intensity of her phantom sensations decreased gradually throughout this period. Regular follow-up was maintained by a multidisciplinary team. This case report with a 4-year-old child showed that the memory about his amputated limb occurs.


Phantom Limb; Children; Cancer; Amputation; Epidural Infusions; Pain Management; Treatment


Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni (2021) Sensation and Phantom Limb Pain in Pediatric Oncology Patient: A Case Report. Int Case Rep Jour 1(3):1-6.