International Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2770-9647) | Volume 2, Issue 7 | Case Report | Open Access

Pancreatoblastoma in Adulthood: Case Report and Literature Review

Osama Souied*

1University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital, Canada

2University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Cancer Center, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Canada

3University of Saskatchewan, Allan Blair Cancer Center, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Canada

4Department of anatomic pathology, Saskatchewan Health authority, Regina, SK, Canada

*Correspondence to: Osama Souied 

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Background: Pancreatoblastoma, a malignancy of the pancreas which primarily affects pediatric populations, is an aggressive and rare malignancy in adults aged 18 and older. Due to its rarity, there are a lack of treatment guidelines available to assist clinicians. Therefore, there is a need for further reporting of case studies of adult pancreatoblastoma. Here we present a case of metastatic pancreatoblastoma with extensive liver and peritoneal metastasis in an adult patient. We also present a literature review of 19 previously reported cases that were available in the English oncology literature over the past 30 years.

Case Report: A 44-year-old Caucasian male experienced a one-month history of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. He was found to have pancreatoblastoma with peritoneal carcinomatosis and liver metastases. The patient was not a candidate for resection or palliative chemotherapy and therefore received supportive care only. Unfortunately, the patient died a few months after his diagnosis.

Conclusion: Adult pancreatoblastoma is a histologically varied and clinically aggressive entity. It presents a diagnostic and treatment challenge. Most patients experience local invasion or metastatic disease and the most common site of metastasis is the liver. Our case study represents the first case of metastatic peritoneal carcinomatosis associated with pancreatoblastoma recorded in the literature to date. Treatment success for some patients with pancreatoblastoma was achieved with surgical resection with or without adjuvant chemotherapy, although the overall prognosis of this malignancy is poor.


Pancreatoblastoma; Adult pancreatic neoplasms; Pancreatic malignancy; Rare oncology; Oncology case report


Rachel Thera, Osama Souied, Shahid Ahmed, Kimberly Hagel, Haji Chalchal, Mussawar Iqbal, Ronald Angeles. Pancreatoblastoma in Adulthood: Case Report and Literature Review. Int Case Rep Jour. 2022;2(7):1-11.