International Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2770-9647) | Volume 1, Issue 5 | Clinical Image | Open Access

Omental Infarction Causing Left Lower Abdominal Pain

Tagalsir Alamin Logman*

Department of General Surgery, Rustaq Hospital, Sultanate of Oman

*Correspondence to: Tagalsir Alamin Logman 

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A 42 - year- old lady, presented with left lower abdomen of two weeks duration. Clinically she was tender at the left lower abdomen, otherwise her abdomen was soft. All her blood tests and emaging studies including CT were normal. She remained in pain after three days of observation and analgesics. She was taken for diagnostic laparoscopy and found to have a 3 × 3 cm omental piece at the left lower abdomen, medial to the sigmoid colon, twisted with narrow pedicle and infarcted. This was excised laparoscopically and the patient showed dramatic improvement post operatively and discharged home.



Tagalsir Alamin Logman.Omental Infarction Causing Left Lower Abdominal Pain. Int Case Rep Jour. 2021;1(5):1.