International Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2770-9647) | Volume 2, Issue 3 | Research Article | Open Access

Applying Halophytes to a Saline Environment

Cecilia Cao*

1University of Toronto Schools, Canada

2University of West Florida, FL, USA

*Correspondence to: Cecilia Cao 

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It is crucial that we learn from halophytes to cope with a saline environment. Currently, climate change increases the chance of drought and heat which spread the processes of salt transmission and accumulation within the top horizons of arid and semiarid soil. Elevated salinization in arid and semiarid regions necessitates the development of economic and environmentally friendly saline agriculture to be comparable with the world population increase. Halophytes have the capability to combat various abiotic factors which occur in their surroundings, following different mechanisms to stress adverse effects. Investigating halophytes can be useful as the processes by which halophytes thrive and sustain productivity in saline environments can help in understanding appropriate modulation and adaptation of crop plants.


Bioremediation; Halophytes; Saline Environment; Tolerance Mechanisms


Victoria Zhang, Cecilia Cao. Applying Halophytes to a Saline Environment. Int Case Rep Jour. 2022;2(3):1-7.