International Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2770-9647) | Volume 2, Issue 8 | Case Report | Open Access

Actinic Prurigo, a Disease Seen in Indigenous Population of the South American Mountains

Ruiz-Beguerie Julieta*

Ruiz-Beguerie Julieta* and Fouces Berenice Department of Dermatology, Austral University Hospital, Argentina

*Correspondence to: Ruiz-Beguerie Julieta 

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Actinic Prurigo (AP) is an uncommon photodermatosis affecting in the majority of the cases, natives and half-breeds of South and Central America. AP represents an abnormal response to ultraviolet A and B, and it is associated with the Human Leukocyte Antigen system HLA-DRA (DRB1 0407 Y DRB1 0401). Multiple epidemiological, clinical geographical, and immunological factors are involved in the etiology of this entity. Its treatment represents a major challenge. Most frequently found in the female population starting during the first decade of life, compromising symmetrically sun-exposed skin areas, as well as the submucosa of the lips and the conjunctiva. Clinically, it presents with erythematous papules, nodules, lichenification, hyper or hypo post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring, accompanied by an intense pruritus, deeply affecting the quality of life of the patient as we will present after working at 3,400 mts in the Andes Mountains in Argentina. The diagnosis is made primarily by the clinical aspect and both personal and family history of the affected patient. We attend a health center at 3,400 mts high in the Andes Mountains with indigenous patients affected by AP.


Actinic prurigo; Prurigo; Solar prurigo; Actinic


Ruiz-Beguerie Julieta and Fouces Berenice. Actinic Prurigo, a Disease Seen in Indigenous Population of the South American Mountains. Int Case Rep Jour. 2022;2(8):1-8.